Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NH in a week-ish, and what I'm working on

It's official.

Because of the Free State Project, I've been wanting to do this for about a year now. Keene (where I'll be) is probably the most active area, activism-wise. You can see a lot of current FSP activity on The Ridley Report.

... So I'm excited.

But I hate to make a blog entirely about my personal life, so here are the posts I'm working on right now:

the supply of ideas, should be finished tomorrow (today?- yeah, I mean today), and a variety of idea/belief-related posts after that

a partial retraction of the human extinction post, should be finished today or Friday

a formal model of agorism w/ some advice for agorist strategy, and probably a few more posts on that

national defense provided privately

an intro to market anarchism- there are a few of these already, but I was going to experiment with a different approach

And that's all I can say for sure right now.

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