Saturday, September 27, 2008

Intelligence and Political Views

Interesting essay here.

His three conclusions about intelligence:

1) Social liberals are smarter on average

2) Fiscal conservatives are smarter on average

3) Radicals are smarter on average

From this, it follows that the ideology with the highest average intelligence is probably market anarchism.

I won't comment on the relationship between intelligence and realistic beliefs right now.


ThatAwfulAwfulMan said...

Meh, as much as I'd like to believe this, IQ tests are in themselves very crude tools for measuring intelligence, so SATs are even worse.

Plus, it could be caused by other factors. For example, both social conservatism & fiscal liberalism are more popular among the lower classes, where academic success isn't valued as much, whereas social liberalism & fiscal conservatism are generally more popular amongst the upper classes.

That's not to say that libertarianism is more popular among the upper classes - that particular combination, as far as I've seen, is more popular among the middle class - but each attitude by itself is associated with those classes.

Of course, radical libertarians do tend to be the most intelligent as far as I've seen.

ThatAwfulAwfulMan said...

I should also add, culture may have something to do with it as well. One's cultural outlooks could be correlated with their political attitudes; & again, it may not even be that smarter or dumber people choose various cultural outlooks, but rather, that various cultural outlooks are correlated with how much an individual values academic success.